junior architect and media storyteller
co-creating spaces and narratives 
junior architect and media storyteller
co-creating spaces and narratives for participatory and extraordinary worlds.

Reconstructing Annie

An unlikely collaboration between four artists, ranging in age from their twenties to nineties, as they remake a classic film from the 1970s. The film begins with millennial filmmakers facilitating interpretive cinema workshops at a senior center. The documentary culminates in the production of a film where the seniors remake "Annie Hall," with Harry Miller, aged 94, and Shula Chernick, aged 73, in the lead roles. Throughout the process, the seniors rediscover their talents and stories, creating a community of eclectic talents working together to make the film. Using Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" script as a template, the documentary also features the characters challenging and recreating cultural norms. Through a playful collaboration between older and younger generations, the characters rethink what it means to be part of a community and an artist at any age.

Directors: Bria Cole and Chris Rogy
Producer: Bria Cole
Associate Producer: Helena Cortes
Director of Photography: Bria Cole, Chris Rogy, Chris Filippone, et al.
Editors: Bria Cole and Chris Rogy

Selected for the New York for the Arts
Fiscal Sponsorship